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Intelligent Control Group



We think that a robot with no intelligent reasoning it is just an empty machine, therefore, it escapes from the real world issues.

Common techniques applied in industrial processes and robotics are mechanical, electronic and computer engineering. The main area of study inside the Computer engineering is the Artificial Intelligence, being the main research stream in this group.

We use AI to develop robots and computer programs to facilitate industrial and social tasks, by implementing control systems, resulting in intelligent control.

Main research lines of the group:

  • Fuzzy Control

    Including fuzzy models and fuzzy sets developed by Lotfi Zadeh combining it with basic and advanced control theory as Kalman filter, Linear Quadratic Regulators and Robust Control.

  • Location and Mapping

    Using different sensor devices to construct a map of an unknown environment (or to update it) and so achieve a more reliable position estimation.

  • Sensor Fusion

    Always trying to combine more than two or three sensor devices to estimate a position with an error tending to zero. We use infrared, ultrasound, camera vision, laser.

  • Setting Up

    With different devices (sensors, actuators, electronics, mechanics) a dynamic system is assembled for testing the algorithms developed and provide an intelligent system.

  • SLAM

    Simultaneous Localization And Mapping. Most applied technique to construct and update a map of an unknown environment. Several work has been done in this group.